The Rev T. Kidd

Obit: Rev T. Kidds
Obit: Rev T. Kidds
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THE Rev Timothy Kidd, of Woodlands Drive, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. He was 86.

Mr Kidd was born in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire.

In 1953 he married Mollie and they had four children, followed later by seven grandchildren.

During the Second World War he served in the Royal Navy.

Mr Kidd studied Economics at Durham University. He then became an ordained priest and moved to St Anne’s Church, Grantham, in 1956.

In 1965 he moved to Stoke Rochford College as head of religious education, while continuing to lead Sunday services in Lincolnshire country churches. When Stoke Rochford College closed in 1978, he worked with the Diocese of Lincoln on its education programme, as well as with Nottingham University, The King’s School and the University of Evansville, Harlaxton.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s some years ago but continued to lead an active life until very recently.

Mr Kidd was a family man who enjoyed reading, sailing, long walks and he was interested in lifelong learning.

Canon Christopher Andrews conducted the funeral service at St Anne’s Church, Grantham.

Family mourners included: Mollie Kidd, Nicola Kidd, Jonathan Kidd, Claire Kidd, Becci Kidd and George Kidd, Anne Lee, Jonathan Lee, Chris Lee, Alex Lee and Tom Lee, Christopher Kidd, Judith Kidd, Sarah Kidd and Rachel Kidd and the Rev J. R. Bailey.

Other mourners included: Mrs Wills, Mrs Patterson, Mary Necklen, Dierdra Pickup, Mike Cowan, Jean Muskett, Judith Muskett, Doris Speakman, Maria Holdsworth, Mrs Clark, Mrs F. Rhys, Robert Evans, Howard and Pauline Imber, Vera Stevens, Ken and Maureen Robinson, Mr T. Kirk, Maureen Short, Brian Buttery, Dr Alan Farmilo, Elizabeth Holmes, Edna and John Allen, Mary Kennedy, Mr and Mrs J. Callow, Barbara Young, Sue and Neil Hamilton, Leslie Norton, Veronica Phillips, John and Anne Hill, Margaret and Don Wright, David Gregory, Derek Gordon, Jan Beckett, Audrey Smith, Ann Collingwood, Mr L. Gibbs, Geoff Winter, Dr Derek Lee, Sheila Holland, Frederick Widdowson, Diana Lee, Mr and Mrs Pratt, Michelle Wilson, Mr and Mrs Hamilton, Madge and Jim Robinson, Peter Slight, Norman Whiting, David Vaughan, Liz and Peter Bailey, Dorothy Nix, Jane Sharp, Joyce Glenn, Audrey Thomas, Lexie Sneddon and Mrs Pickering.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for St Anne’s Church and the Parkinson’s Society.