There’ll be no new homes until the by-pass is built

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LIVING near the area where the new homes are to be built, I was interested in the letters from S. Footitt and Barbara Rodd, and I was in agreement with their content, in particular that of S. Footitt (Journal, September 30).

In relation to the letter headed ‘By-pass must come before 4,000 homes’, I have it on good authority from Coun Nick Craft, that no houses will be built until the by-pass is in place.

When I mentioned this to South Kesteven District Council planning department, they told me that no decision had been made about this matter, but following a few emails, I was informed that Mr Craft’s statement was correct and that the planning office had been advised accordingly, by the said councillor.

So, there you have it, no houses until the by-pass is in place, the councillor has nailed his colours to the mast, unless of course someone knows different.


Saltersford Road, Grantham