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These are the plans for the new Grantham Active Travel scheme which includes High Street becoming one way

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Official plans for the overhaul of Grantham town centre's roads, which were announced last month, have been revealed.

The maps display how the Grantham active travel zone will change the town's roads, with blue lines indicating ‘general traffic’, green lines for ‘bus and bike’ traffic, while a solid red line shows the Guildhall Street closure location, and the dotted red line shows the St Peter’s Hill lane removal.

The Department for Transport (DfT) allocated £799,900 to Lincolnshire in a scheme aiming to boost active travel and reduce traffic congestion in the county's towns.

The active travel zone plans, High Street north. Credit: LCC (48499998)
The active travel zone plans, High Street north. Credit: LCC (48499998)

After reviewing a public consultation from earlier this year, Lincolnshire County Council created the Grantham active travel zone.

The zone will see High Street become one-way, with the creation of a ‘sustainable travel corridor’, while the footpath on St Peter's Hill will be extended into one lane of the road and the junction between Guildhall Street and High Street will be closed.

The scheme, which will be in place for 18 months, will be enacted via an Experimental Traffic Order.

The active travel zone plans, High Street middle. Credit: LCC (48499979)
The active travel zone plans, High Street middle. Credit: LCC (48499979)

The announcement sparked a mixture of support and condemnation on the Journal’s letter pages, website and social media, with Councillor Richard Davies, executive member for highways and transport at LCC addressing the concerns raised.

Following the implementation of the scheme, there will be a six month period of engagement to allow for adjustments to the scheme, based on feedback.

The full plans for the Grantham active travel zone includes:

  • The scheme will start at the junction with Market Place, providing an ‘escape route’ for drivers who may have inadvertently taken a wrong turn.
  • At the Market Place junction buses and cycles will be able to proceed southbound but general traffic will not. This will go as far as St Peter’s Hill.
  • Guildhall Street will be closed at the junction with High Street
  • Heading northbound from St Peter’s Hill general traffic will be allowed.
  • A right turn facility will need to be inserted at Finkin Street to allow access
  • Traffic turning on to High Street from St Peter’s Hill will be able to turn right to head northbound.
  • At St Peter’s Hill a lane will be removed from each side
  • On the western side this will be protected from the Highway by parklets and other similar infrastructure to create a better pedestrian space. The second lane will be for both straight ahead and right turning traffic.
  • On the eastern side the eastern most lane will remain as a bike/bus lane. The other lane will be for general traffic. A filter will be implemented a good distance before the signalised junction.
The active travel zone plans, High Street south. Credit: LCC (48500008)
The active travel zone plans, High Street south. Credit: LCC (48500008)

Coun Davies said: "The ideas received majority support, and many people I spoke to agreed that simply carrying on with a car focus would not benefit Grantham. The fact of the matter is that our town will continue to decline unless something radical is done.

"I remember how vibrant the town centre was when I walked along it on my way to school; nearly 30 years ago, the demise is palpable. I’m not suggesting we can go back to those times, habits have changed too much, but we can do something positive to revitalise how Grantham looks and feels.

"As organisations like Historic England have pointed out we need to remove the volume of cars from the town centre and do more to make it an attractive place to shop, live and work.

"Locally Newark and Stamford have shown that towns can thrive without the car priority in the centre; why shouldn’t Grantham do the same? I would highlight the fact it is a trial and therefore changes can be made when issues and problems arise, e.g. delivery access etc.

"We are now looking at further discussions with residents and community groups before launching the trial in the near future. Please do let me know your thoughts and ideas."

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