Thirty job losses at Grantham College is ‘worst case scenario’

Grantham College
Grantham College
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The loss of 30 jobs at Grantham College due to a £1 million funding gap has been described as ‘the worst case scenario’ by its principal.

Linda Houtby confirmed that up to 30 jobs were at risk, as a result of a shortfall following government fundings cuts and increases to both pensions and national insurance.

Grantham College principal Linda Houtby.

Grantham College principal Linda Houtby.

The college which currently employs 390 staff, identified the funding gap during its budget meeting at the beginning of this year.

Mrs Houtby said: “We have known about this since January when we were planning our budgets for the next year, and it has been discussed with staff. At the same time we are looking at how we can increase our income and create efficiences.”

She added: “We will know by June the exact number. However some members of staff have already come forward offering to do reduced hours and job shares, so 30 posts going is the worst case scenario.”

Roles are being reviewed across the college rather than from any particular area, with 75 staff who are potentially affected by the redundancies all being consulted on an individual basis.

Mrs Houtby added: “The whole sector is finding it challenging with all the public sector cuts over the past five years. It is a concern but we’ve got to be positive and create efficiences.”

Asked if other savings had been considered to cover the shortfall, she said: “Yes of course. For example we will be making quite a lot of savings by ending subcontracted work, bringing the work back in-house. It is always the last resort to put people’s jobs at risk. But as with any organisation staff costs are a considerable proportion of spending.”

In the long term Mrs Houtby also hopes that the £52 million redevelopment of the college will create more jobs. The funding for this is being provided by the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership and is therefore ring-fenced specifically for the building project.