This is not the man to represent us best

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When are we going to get a political representative who truly represents us?

Nick Boles is certainly not the man – he is following a political career path that many before him have travelled.

He came from outside this area because it is a safe seat.

he has been elected because we have a majority of people within this constituency who vote Tory and continue to do so, whoever the candidate is.

(Please note: I did, and now very much regret that decision.)

Mr Boles seems to enjoy the limelight, although, to me, his recent television appearances reminded me of a sixth-form debating speaker who is not quite sure of his lines.

He has sparked a national debate for his own publicity purposes, which he has achieved with newspaper and TV coverage.

How much of his time is spent on national and self-publicity issues as against issues we have with traffic, the bypass, flooding, Grantham Hospital, expansion plans, etc, which as far as I am concerned, he was elected to deal with, and, if he spent the time on would leave very little for interviews with newspapers and TV.

Perhaps at the next election we will all remember what this man is about, and the local conservative party will drop him and adopt a local man who cares about Grantham and not a career politician.

I have very little hope of this happening, as perhaps our major problem is the people who run our local Tory party, going by the last two MPs!

Stuart Allan

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Yay! Way to go Nick!

We oldies have had it too good for too long haven’t we?

We are non-productive aren’t we, so, who cares if we freeze, or die from hypothermia?

Who cares if we can’t afford to pay the gas bill, electric bill or VAT?

If the elderly can’t afford the sometimes 10 or 20 prescription items they need to stay alive or pain-free, who cares, they’ve lived too long already - let ‘em suffer or die, we’ll save on pension payments as well!

While we’re about it, why don’t we include all those badly maimed soldiers from Afghanistan?

They’re on pensions, they are non-productive and need a lot of prescription drugs to combat the pain from their injuries - save even more eh!

Alternatively, you could give them all a tray of matches to sell and tax the sales at basic rate - why not? It worked in 1918! Again a Liberal/Conservative coalition!

Think of it, Nick. think of all the money you’d generate. Money from our prescription charges, bus pass savings, taxing or abolishing winter fuel payments, more money for the BBC (they could pay higher salaries) plus savings by not having to pay pensions to those of us who die prematurely!

Wow Nick! Think of what the Chancellor could do with all that extra cash, eh.

Solve the youth unemployment crisis at a stroke. Get ’em all into apprenticeships in one of the new growth industries, like embalming perhaps, or coffin making, grave digging or hearse driving.

Could show this government is all heart and market it as “Services to the Elderly”.

Think of it Nick; full youth employment!

Think of all the tax and National Insurance revenues that would bring in. Gosh, the Chancellor would be able to cut the top rate of tax again.

I’m sure Lord Sugar and company would be happy to lose their free bus pass under those condtions eh.

Absolutely brilliant! Next party leader, eh Nick - name up there in lights.

You may have had a university education Nick, but you know what annoys me the most?

The utter contempt you show for us, the ordinary people.

You think we are such fools that we don’t see through your childish ploy of stopping these benefits for the super rich.

It’s not the rich you’ve got in your sights. They won’t miss a couple of hundred pounds of winter allowance.

No Nick, it’s US you’re after. Use the rich as a ploy to get your ideas through Parliament and then pitch the qualifying threshold so low that hardly anyone will qualify - seen it all before Nick!


Valley Road, Grantham

I was horrified to read that our so-called champion of Grantham, MP Nick Boles, is planning to suggest that all OAPs be means tested for their bus pass, free prescriptions, heating allowance and the possible loss of the free TV licence after 75.

It might be suggested that MPs take a reduction in salary in the first instance, or would that spark another round of expenses being scrutinised, after all the vast majority of OAPs have paid their taxes over the years and are still doing so, including tax on their old age pension?

Perhaps it is time to really look at those who have never worked and have no intention of working and are drawing vast amounts of allowances from the state.

I would even go so far as to suggest that as we oldies are in the ascendancy; this little upstart will probably lose his job and priviliged position at the end of this parliament.

I for one will certainly not vote for him.

Sandie (By email)

IT’s about time Mr Boles realised just who keeps him in his job; in case he does not know, it is people like me, who mistakenly voted for him in the last General Election.

Who does he think he is, suggesting that us pensioners give up even more of our entitled money?

We have worked a lifetime paying our taxes and contributions toward our state pension etc.

Not only have we paid tax when we earned it, we now have to pay tax on it again, so we pensioners have to pay twice on the same money, and now this jumped-up MP wants to take even more.

I suggest he comes into the real world.

I would also like to suggest he looks at MPs’ and bankers’ perks and wages and starts cutting their money down before he starts on pensioners, who have already paid their money into the government coffers who have mis-handled it, and now wants us to pay for their mistakes.

Stewart Mayes


NICK Boles believes that ‘we must take money from people who don’t need it’; so why is he not targeting the costly quangocrats, the over-paid holders of ‘non-jobs’ in public services and the tax-avoiding millionaires?

Simple answer: pensioners are a much easier target.

He claims that means-testing pensioners would save £1.5 billion a year.

How does he know - if the ‘well-off’ level has not been fairly defined and agreed?

The claimed £1.5 billion ‘saving’ pales into insignificance compared to the tens of billions wasted by Whitehall e.g. on failed computer systems, contracts given to a cartel of outrageously expensive suppliers and official ‘watchdog’ agencies who are toothless and useless.

I doubt if many Grantham pensioners have his privileged background of Winchester, Oxford and Harvard or receive more than his MP’s salary, expenses, and other emoluments, but we might take that figure, whatever it is, as the ‘well-off’ level below which no pensioner will forfeit the benefits for which they have worked and paid all their adult lives.

Did Nick’s idea come from a think-tank or a septic tank?


Bourne Road,


WITH regard to MP Nicholas Boles, I hope no one ever votes for him again or his party.

I am a 67-year-old pensioner and I did 50 years in the construction industry, working outside in the winter.

I have paid my dues and am still paying tax on my small, second pension.

So why is this man picking on guys like me?

Maybe my childhood would have done him good, having to walk the streets in the 1950s with my poor mother trying to find a place to sleep as we were sometimes homeless.

He might feel more caring towards others.




I THINK that Nick Boles should shut his trap as every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it.


Canterbury Close,