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Traffic builds up as lorry gets stuck on busy Grantham town centre road

A Grantham resident has voiced his anger after traffic was left to build up on town centre roads when a large lorry became stuck.

The long HGV became stuck for about an hour at the junction of Dysart Road and Westgate in Grantham yesterday evening (Thursday) near the home of Paul Hodges.

Mr Hodges took a picture of the lorry as it became stuck on the corner and says numerous heavy lorries are passing by because they are being redirected due to roadworks on the A1.

Paul Hodges took this picture of the lorry trying to negotiate the corner of Dysart Road and Westgate. (48097138)
Paul Hodges took this picture of the lorry trying to negotiate the corner of Dysart Road and Westgate. (48097138)

Mr Hodges told the Journal: "I know we will benefit from the Grantham bypass, but in the meantime at a cost and inconvenience. Unfortunately my residence is directly on the corner of Dysart Road and Westgate. This is unfortunately the main feed for redirected traffic."

Mr Hodges says that large lorries should not be permitted access through this part of town and traffic was building up "from every angle" as the driver tried to negotiate the corner.

He added: "There wasn’t any ‘traffic enforcement ‘ or any kind. In fact it’s rarely one sees any law enforcement within the town. It's especially worse since Covid. It doesn’t even help to call the local police station as it’s seldom anyone is present. Besides it closes at 10pm. I note in our council tax the majority is for police enforcement. I sincerely hope the new commissioner will be addressing this?"

"For us residents that are in the lower end of Westgate we cannot get off-street parking. We have to tolerate all the heavy trucks through to 2pm and then again from about 4am! What are we getting for our council tax?

"Now it’s rumoured to pedestrianise this area? Hopefully there will be thought given to residences within this area. No wonder the retail area within the town is sadly disappearing. Yet the council want to inject millions into the area. But if basics are not provided, it will continue to look like a shanty town."

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