Trainee police officers are put through their paces in Grantham town centre

Trainee police officers tackle practical assessments in Grantham.
Trainee police officers tackle practical assessments in Grantham.
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You would be forgiven for thinking there was a major incident in Grantham on Friday – after all, it’s not often you see two dozen officers patrolling the town centre.

But fear not, the heavy police presence was simply a training exercise.

Trainee officers were being put through their paces, tackling a number of mocked-up incidents, ranging from thefts from B&M Bargains, to a taxi dispute, to alcohol offences.

When they were not attending incidents, officers were actively patrolling the streets and talking to members of the public.

Several passers-by asked for crime advice, said police trainer Cheryl Campbell. She added: “We’ve been given some fantastic feedback from from the community.”

Training schemes are delivered through a strategic partnership between Lincolnshire Police and contracted private security firm G4S. Trainers responsible for officers’ development through their two-year training programme are part of a G4S learning and development team based at the force headquarters in Nettleham.

Volunteers form a key part of the practical training sessions seen in Grantham on Friday, helping in role play situations, for example. Mick Turner, also a police trainer, said the force is always keen to hear from members of the community wishing to volunteer their time.

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