Trams for Grantham? Please don’t talk daft

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RECENT letters to the Journal suggest that we would do a lot better if we had a tram system in Grantham.

Can correspondents to the Journal please not give the council any more silly money-wasting ideas.

People are still moaning about the waste of money that was paving the market place, seemingly just to get rid of the free parking places that were there.

Now it looks as if they’re going to do the same with Wide Westgate - get rid of the free parking.

How are we going to finace the stupid notion of a tram network in such a small town – the same way as Nottingham and put a parking levy on businesses?

What the council should be doing is going down the A52 to Nottingham to invite the businesses there to come to Grantham – where there’s no charge.

If we get more jobs in the area then we get more money in the area, and more money means more shops - not a town full of charity shops and over-priced supermarkets.

Plus, where are we going to run a tram system? It can’t be on the High Street - that would mean no parking and/or unloading all down the High Street, at all.