Trams simply aren’t the answer to traffic jams

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HAVING been a schoolboy in the Isle of Man many years ago, I can understand Richard Shears’ enthusiasm for trams (Journal, December 16), but despite his welcome, positive motivation, I seriously doubt if trams would be an appropriate solution for Grantham’s traffic problems.

When large cities, like Sheffield and Nottingham, who ripped up their tramways in the 1950s and 1960s, decided to re-instate them in the 21st century they suffered massive, protracted disruption to their traffic during the re-laying of rails and they are still wincing at the cost.

Just imagine what tribulations would be inflicted upon Grantham residents, visitors, businesses and emergency services if tramways were to be constructed in central Grantham:

Roadworks for a North-South line would merely cause chaos for many months.

Considering any East-West tramway systems: Somerby Hill to Harlaxton Road? Manthorpe Road to Barrowby Road? Harrowby Lane to Dysart Road? (don’t even think about the St Catherine’s Road/Wharf Road/High Street junction!) - Grantham transport would quite simply grind to a halt for several years.

Trams will always have their enthusiasts, but without a lot of blue-sky planners and extremely creative accountants they are unlikely to happen in Grantham.


Bourne Road, Colsterworth