Average speed cameras on the A52 at Grantham have seen a dramatic reduction in collisions and casualties

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Road and traffic news.
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An average speed camera system located on the A52 passing Grantham has seen a reduction of over 57 per cent in collisions and over 70 per cent in casualties since it was installed.

The speed camera system, installed by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) almost five years ago, begins at Ropsley and continues east towards Boston.

It is a 60mph road. The system tracks speed over a distance and transmits offences to a control centre where they are checked and compiled before being forwarded to the police Central Ticket Office, where paperwork is produced and sent to the vehicle owners.

The success of the average speed camera system on that stretch of road has led the LRSP to install a similar system on the A15, south of Lincoln, between Tower Lane and the Navenby junction.

Testing of the installation and systems has been carried out over the last four weeks and the system will go live from Monday.

It replaces two static Gatso type cameras that were placed to reduce the amount of collisions that had occurred over the years.

A LRSP spokesman said: “Engineering changes in layout, road marking and signage have also taken place over the last five years and although there has been a slight reduction in casualties we feel that this system, proven to have better speed limit compliance from drivers, will bring about further casualty reductions.

“In the past five years (up to current data May 2015) there have been seven serious injuries and 24 slight injuries at this site.”

The 60mph speed limit will remain in place.