Couple fears sprawling weeds will cause collisions on the A1 near Grantham

John Blair and Ros Gibson, Bad road view at Colsterworth. 617C
John Blair and Ros Gibson, Bad road view at Colsterworth. 617C
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A COUPLE who live on the A1 near Colsterworth believe the weeds outside their house will cause an accident if they are not cut down.

As well as blocking the vision of drivers on the road, John Blair and Ros Gibson are concerned that accident victims could lay at the roadside unnoticed.

Ros said: “My son was killed on the A1. He was in the bushes, they would not have found him if it had been like this.

“We don’t patrol the road, nobody would know a motorcyclist was there.”

Ros, who has lived in the house since 1979, said the weeds at the roadside have been worse in the last year than she has ever known them before.

The couple say they cannot even get out of their driveway and go northbound because the central reservation is so overgrown that their car would not be seen by oncoming traffic.

John, a former lorry driver, said: “From here we have to go a mile-and-a-half down to The Fox and turn around if we want to go to Grantham.”

Ros added: “It makes us worry for safety because nobody can see where we are pulling out from or pulling into.”

Shortly after the Journal got in contact with the Highways Agency, which is in charge of roadside maintenance, plans were made to cut the weeds back in the area.

A Highways Agency spokesman said: “Our contractors treated this as a priority issue and the overgrown shrubs have now been cut back to a more appropriate level.

“Earlier this year, we reviewed the location and frequency of grass cutting on roadside verges, embankments and central reserves to see if it is cost effective, necessary, and good for the environment. Our contractors will continue to cut grass and clear vegetation where it obscures signs or obstructs lines of sight at junctions and roundabouts, but we will assess the need for other grass cutting and vegetation clearance against our other repair and maintenance priorities.

“Safety continues to be our top priority and we will continue to monitor the A1 Colsterworth and consider any safety risks or concerns.”