Engineers risked their lives to help crash victim

These heroes helped a woman injured in a car collision on the A1.
These heroes helped a woman injured in a car collision on the A1.
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FOUR brave engineers who risked their lives to help the victims of a road accident last week have been hailed as heroes by witnesses to the crash.

Nathan Pursloe, Andrew Tozer, Shane Gwilliam and Matt Freeman were working at the garage next to the A1 at Great Ponton last Wednesday morning when two cars collided.

Nathan said: “The first thing I heard was the bang then I saw the Mercedes flip upside down and I just ran towards the car. There was still traffic flowing but I didn’t think about getting hit. My first reaction was to help.

“The passenger was in a really bad way, you could see all the insides of her arm. I thought she was dead because there was no screaming at first.”

But as Nathan and Shane got closer to the car the women inside started screaming.

Nathan said: “I know some first aid but nothing prepares you for that. I thought the most important thing was to keep her talking. I was scared for her welfare, she was really in a bad way and there was a lot of blood.”

It was at that stage that the pair heard another voice from the driver’s side of the car.

The convertible was so crushed that they did not even see a second person and had assumed the passenger had been flung from the driver’s seat.

Andrew, who had been with the driver of the other car, a Volkswagen Golf, said: “She was shaken up and had a few bruises but she managed to crawl out of the car.

“The other driver seemed ok. He was talking but he had hit his head. The paramedics wanted him to stay in the car until they arrived.”

During this time Matt was trying to stop the traffic travelling by the accident and hitting his colleagues.

Nathan said: “I’m quite surprised how many people just carried on driving. We don’t feel like heroes, it was just a normal thing.”

Andrew added: “I would like to think people would do it if it was us.”

Caroline Wright and Sally Bullock were working in the shop at the time of the accident. They heard the bang and saw the engineers running towards the cars.

Caroline said: “They were fantastic, absolutely brilliant. Even when the ambulance got here they were still helping, I think they’re heroes.

Sally added: “They didn’t think anything of it. They just ran, it was incredible.

“The road is so dangerous, in the winter there are probably accidents twice a week.

“Something has to be changed.”