Grantham mum calls for drivers to slow down after six-year-old son hit by car

Katherine Bellamy with her son Alfie, 6, who was hit by a car in Queensway.
Katherine Bellamy with her son Alfie, 6, who was hit by a car in Queensway.
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A mother has called for drivers to slow down in her area of town after her young son was hit by a car and had to be operated on twice.

Katherine Bellamy says Alfie, 6, was hit by the car while playing football in Queensway, Grantham, on Saturday afternoon. He had to have surgery on a broken wrist and on his face. He lost all his front teeth and has a broken nose.

Miss Bellamy said the driver of the car which collided with Alfie was not speeding, but doing about 20 to 25 miles per hour, but if he had been hit by a speeding vehicle it could have been much worse. She said the driver was not to blame for the accident.

Miss Bellamy, of Melbourne Road, said: “Alfie looks like he has gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. He has black eyes and a broken nose and it’s frightening to think that could happen at 25 miles per hour.

“He was lucky. He spent three days in hospital at Lincoln. I think he was in shock at first, but he is picking up now. He is going to be in plaster for six weeks.”

Alfie was playing football with a friend across the road in Queensway at about 5pm on Saturday when the accident happened.

Miss Bellamy, who has lived in Melbourne Road for five years, added: “There is nothing in the street to slow cars down. People are saying how scared they are of how fast people are travelling along this road. A lot of people here want to see something done. There is talk of starting a petition. The police told me they are aware of the situation and how fast people are travelling.”