Head of highways says sorry as roadworks in Grantham are delayed again

Roadworks continue in London Road. 465D
Roadworks continue in London Road. 465D
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Roadworks have overrun yet again on the junction of London Road and Springfield Road, dragging on what the head of highways has branded a “hugely embarrassing” project.

Works were due to finish on Saturday, but a design error has resulted in a delay and the completion date has been set as Wednesday.

Roadworks continue in London Road. 465D

Roadworks continue in London Road. 465D

County councillor Richard Davies, head of highways, apologised through his blog on Saturday.

He wrote: “Last Friday we were confident that the already delayed improvement works on the junction of Springfield Road and London Road were going to be completed today (28th September).

“I am sorry to say that there will be a further delay.

“A decision was made by Lincolnshire County Council’s design team that was wrong - plain and simple. This has resulted in 2 days of extra work. We’ve worked hard to make up the lost time but, unfortunately, it means the road will not reopen fully until tomorrow (Sunday 29th).

“There will still be some additional surfacing and pavement work to be done overnight on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, the roads will be fully open for daytime traffic from midday on Sunday.

“It goes without saying that this project has been hugely embarrassing. Not just for the council, but also for me personally. Although the main delay was due to factors beyond our control, we are guilty of making our own mistakes too. This is clearly unacceptable and I fully accept the criticism that we will receive.

“I have met with our contractors, the county council’s design team and senior managers both on-and-off site this week and told them that we, the people of Grantham, deserve better.

“The most important thing that I can do is to prevent this situation from happening again. I have created an independent assessment team to conduct a full and thorough review of how we maintain our roads in Lincolnshire. This will look at everything from maintenance to communication.

“I want your views and suggestions to be central this review. It will be an open process and the findings will be made public. As soon as I have more details I will let you know how you can contribute.

“Once again, I would like to say how sorry I am for this delay. Springfield Road has been an example of how not to do road works. My priority now is to prevent it from happening again, and I assure you I will do everything within my power to do make sure it doesn’t.”