‘Make Dysart Road safe before it’s too late’

Kids from Isaac Newton school want a crossing on Dysart road. 807B
Kids from Isaac Newton school want a crossing on Dysart road. 807B
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CAMPAIGNING parents are demanding improved road safety measures outside their children’s school.

Fears that a child could be killed by an unfortunate motorist in Dysart Road, Grantham, are prompting parents of children at Isaac Newton Primary School into action, alongside headteacher Stephen Tapley.

Mr Tapley said: “Since the establishment of the Redrow estate in Dexter Avenue, the traffic has got worse coming out of Dexter Avenue on to Dysart Road. It’s been compounded now with the opening of a vets opposite the school.

“We need some sort of pedestrian crossing up here.”

Mr Tapley said the retention of a ‘lollypop man’ near the school is positive, but feels more safety measures are needed.

He said: “I believe, at the very least, a pedestrian crossing outside the shops on the other side of Goodliff Road and some form of traffic calming measure outside the school needs further consideration.”

Natasha Miller, 27, of Welland Court, Grantham, is going a step further, calling for a 20mph speed limit.

The mother-of-four said: “This is children’s safety and children’s lives here, and they’re primary age.

“This needs to be a top priority. It’s imperative that this is sorted out.

“There are cars coming at you from every direction on Dysart Road. You can’t see them half the time, and many of them come at considerable speed.

“Someone is going to get seriously, seriously hurt if not killed on this road.”

Tina Turner, 41, lives in Dysart Road, and witnesses the terrors on the road more than most.

She said: “I’ve seen two or three people knocked down by cars this year already.

“A lot of cars don’t slow down. They don’t care if we’re standing there waiting to cross.

“Sometimes there’s after-school clubs, and when the crossing man has gone it can take 10 to 15 minutes to cross the road.

“We need this crossing before a life is lost.”

Head of highways west at Lincolnshire County Council Brian Thompson said the introduction of a school safety zone is not possible until a road built by developer Redrow is fit and adopted by the council.

He added: “We have been in contact with the school and parents to discuss their concerns. Unfortunately we’re not able to introduce a school safety zone at the moment, because the road is not yet adopted by us.

“We are carrying out some road safety measures shortly, including lowering the kerbs to make it easier for those with pushchairs and wheelchairs, and also putting distinctive ‘pimpled’ paving in bright colours where we believe it’s safest to cross.”

John Siddle, of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, told the Journal the ‘lollypop man’ was introduced to allow safe crossing during school times.

He added: “To ensure that parents and children can cross Dysart Road safely during school times, we have provided a school crossing patrol.

“However, if parents still have concerns for their safety and their children’s safety, they can contact the lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership directly and we can discuss their concerns.”