Mother-of-two’s death in crash was ‘tragic accident’

Nina Shone was tragically killed in a car crash in February 2010.
Nina Shone was tragically killed in a car crash in February 2010.
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THE death of a mother-of-two who was killed in a car crash in February 2010 was recorded as an accident by a coroner in Lincoln on Thursday.

Nina Shone, of Norton Street, Grantham, was driving along the A607 between Wellingore and Welbourn on February 2 last year when her Fiesta was hit head-on by another car, an inquest heard.

The coroner said: “Miss Shone was not in a position to take any evasive action because this would have happened so quickly.”

The other car, a blue Porsche Boxster, was being driven by Samantha Bray, of Wellingore.

Ms Bray, who suffered serious injuries in the crash, said she could not remember much about what had happened.

She was on her way to have dinner with her partner that evening just after 8pm when she saw a patch of mud in the road, the inquest heard. It was dark and had been raining.

Ms Bray cried as she told the coroner: “I braked and lost control of the car. It went to the left, I think I may have over-corrected it. There was a bang but I don’t remember another vehicle.

“I next remember trying to bash my way out of the car. I could smell smoke and I couldn’t get out.”

Ms Bray had hit a slick of mud covering 133 metres of the road. Police estimated she was travelling at a minimum of between 67mph and 77mph when she lost control of the car.

After the crash, Ms Bray told paramedics that it was her fault because she was going too fast but she told the coroner she could not remember this and thought she was driving at around 60mph.

Pc Paul Wetstone also told the inquest that the back tyres of the Porsche were under-inflated, which could have caused her to over-steer. One of the tyres had only 15 PSI when tested - the recommended level was 37 PSI.

Miss Shone’s car was badly crushed and ended up upside down on the verge. She was taken to hospital in Lincoln where she died having suffered multiple injuries.

Recording a verdict of accidental death the coroner said: “Miss Shone tragically died on February 2. I conclude that speed was a very real issue in this case. Speed and the inability to consider road conditions.”