MP accuses council of delaying village road repairs

MP Stephen Phillips visits residents in Great Gonerby.
MP Stephen Phillips visits residents in Great Gonerby.
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AN MP has accused Lincolnshire County Council of ‘dragging its feet’ over road repairs in Great Gonerby - but the council says it is waiting until the right time to do the work.

Stephen Phillips MP visited Belvoir Gardens in Great Gonerby to meet with residents who had complained over the state of the carriageway.

Residents say the road has been damaged by lorries accessing a nearby Larkfleet Homes construction site.

Mr Phillips is MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham, but his constituency covers Great Gonerby and a number of other SKDC wards around Grantham.

He told the Journal he has written to the county council several times, but has not yet been told when the work will be done.

Mr Phillips said: “I am very concerned that the county council is dragging its feet in forcing the developer to repair the appalling conditions which have been created in Belvoir Gardens, and will be using my best efforts to try to get work started this summer.

There is no doubt that the kerbstones must be reset and the road resurfaced, and I am concerned that this is work for which the developers and not council taxpayers should be paying.”

Lincolnshire county council head of highways (west) Brian Thompson said: “We believe it is sensible to wait until the new development is completed before we assess the condition of the existing road that has been used to access the new development.

“We would then be sure that its use by construction traffic is at an end. We will then be able to decide what work is required and also what damage could be attributed to its use by the developer, and what is due to normal deterioration, particularly in the light of the recent bad winters that we have experienced.

“We have kept Stephen Phillips, MP fully informed about the situation.”

Larkfleet Homes technical director Darren Smith said Lincolnshire County Council has not made the company aware of any damage to the road caused by the project.

He said: “We’re currently working with Lincolnshire County Council to carry out remedial works so the development can be adopted.

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