Plan for traffic ‘chaos’ at a Grantham sheltered housing complex

Sandon Close, Grantham
Sandon Close, Grantham
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With traffic jams and parking a major problem on Sandon Close and the surrounding roads, plans for better regulation are being put forward to the county council.

The Journal was asked by a member of the public to visit Sandon Close at the time when children are being picked up from St Mary’s Catholic Primary and The Sandon School.

“Come up round to Sandon Close at around 3.20pm and see the chaos caused by the never-ending traffic jam caused by buses, taxis and inconsiderate drivers who block the road,” said a mother of a pupil at Sandon School. “As Sandon Close is a residential area for the elderly, if one of these, heaven forbid, needed one of the emergency services they would not be able to get up round there.”

This was certainly the case on Wednesday afternoon, with cars, taxis and indeed an ambulance all seen struggling to turn into both Sandon Close and Sandon Road due to stretches of parked cars turning them into one way routes.

Aware of the ongoing issue, county and district councillor for the ward Charmaine Morgan highlighted that there has been a public consultation between residents, police, and representatives from both councils which has led to a plan for improved traffic regulation.

Coun Morgan said: “We have seen people using Sandon Close as free parking when they don’t have a legitimate reason to park there, and it is stopping the fire and ambulance service as well as residents and parents of schoolchildren getting through. We have come up with a resident parking scheme, combined with properly marked bays and a warden. In addition there will be parking spaces for just one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, Monday to Friday.”

Coun Morgan added that the scheme should come before the county council in October.