Police say drivers to blame for accidents on A1 near Grantham after failing to keep their distance

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police
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Police were busy dealing with several accidents on the A1 yesterday afternoon near Grantham and blamed motorists for not keeping their distance.

The northbound carriageway at Great Ponton was blocked for a short while in the early afternoon following an accident in which the central reservation was damaged. This caused tailbacks which were made worse by a broken down lorry.

Shortly afterwards there was another incident in which a vehicle ended up on the verge on the southbound carriageway just south of the A607. There was a third incident nearby which was quickly dealth with.

Lincolnshire Police Roads Policing Unit later tweeted: “A busy afternoon on the A1 today. Three RTCs dealt with all within a few hundred yards of each other with heavy traffic as well, due to drivers not keeping their distance. Some simple advice - look further ahead and keep a safe braking distance from the car in front.”