Racehorse on the mend after being hit by a lorry near Grantham

Chris Bealby and injured horse Bennynthejets.
Chris Bealby and injured horse Bennynthejets.
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A racehorse which suffered a serious injury in a collision with a truck is on the road to recovery.

The 11-year-old gelding, Bennynthejets, is nursing wounds in his hind quarters which were stitched by a vet following the incident on a country road at Barrowby on Saturday.

Trainer Chris Bealby believes the steeplechaser is lucky to be alive after flesh was torn from his rump and he was almost pulled under the lorry. But thankfully, the trainer believes the animal can make a full recovery.

He said this week; “His wound is healing remarkably well and he is being a model patient.”

Bennynthejets was second in a line of five horses making their way along The Drift from North Lodge Racing stables to nearby gallops on Saturday morning.

Mr Bealby said: “As we walked down the hill on the unmarked narrow country road a lorry came up behind.

“Once round the bend, the lorry tried to pass where the road was too narrow and in the process hit Bennynthejets on the hind quarters, almost pulling him under the lorry. The vehicle gouged a sizeable chunk of flesh out of poor Benny’s rump.” Mr Bealby said the lorry drove off.

The rider, head lad Stephen Edgar, suffered a back sprain but managed to stay in the saddle and was not badly hurt,

The other horses were traumatised but were able to continue to the gallops while Bennynthejets was led back to the stables and treated by the vet.

Mr Bealby reported the incident to police and tweeted news of what had happened, He was also interviewed about the incident by Channel 4 Racing at Uttoxeter racecourse.

Later he was contacted by a senior representaive from B&Q, whose lorry was involved in the accident.

Mr Bealby is now in talks with the company’s insurers and has praised B&Q for its quick response.

Bennynthejets, a winner of five races and who was due to run at Garthorpe point to point near Melton on Sunday, has been able to go for a short walk in hand as he begins his recovery but is not expected to run again this year.

Mr Bealby said: “I hope this can act as a warning to drivers about the need for caution around horses, particularly in the country. It’s not just horses and riders who can be in danger, either. Drivers can also be at risk. All riders ask is that drivers take ten seconds or so to pause for horses. It’s not a lot out of a day.”

A B&Q spokesperson said this week: “We can confirm that one of our vehicles was involved in an incident. The police are investigating and the driver is co-operating fully. We’ve also launched an investigation and are in direct contact with the trainer. We cannot provide any further details at the moment but we are taking the matter seriously.”

A police spokesman said inquiries were continuing into a report that a vehicle had collided with a horse. Officers are appealing for witnesses to call the non emergency number 101.