The bypass is absolutely the key to growth

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GRANTHAM MP Nick Boles gave his backing to the bypass this week, believing it to be the key to Grantham’s growth.

He said: “Obviously I am absolutely 140 per cent behind it.

“The whole plan for the town, in my view, is one of growth. We are losing shops that we want to have and there is no prospect of getting them back and keeping the services we have like the district hospital unless the town grows.

“Part of the growth is residential and part is getting more businesses into the town. None of that will work if the town keeps being clogged up with lorries so getting lorries out of the town is essential.”

Mr Boles believes the commitment of funds to the project is a big step forward.

He said: “It is an incredibly important project and it is incredibly welcome that Lincolnshire County Council are making it a top priority in their council budget.

“One of the things which has held it back is not having the commitment of this kind from Lincolnshire County Council.”

However, Mr Boles is not quite ready to declare victory in the bypass battle. He explained: “I have promised never to put a date on when the road will be built as so many people have done that before and ended up disappointing people and making people cynical.

“So I will believe it when I see it but I am very optimistic.”