Town is gridlocked following another collision with studs

A bus hits the metal studs on the Barrowby Road/Sankt Augustin Way roundabout in Grantham.
A bus hits the metal studs on the Barrowby Road/Sankt Augustin Way roundabout in Grantham.
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TRAFFIC in Grantham was brought to a standstill once again this week as yet another large vehicle clipped the metal studs at the Asda roundabout.

With a rear tyre shredded and bodywork ripped off, a bus was stranded on the roundabout for several hours during Monday’s afternoon rush hour as a recovery vehicle struggled to fight its way through the traffic chaos.

In a second blow to the driver, he had bought the bus only hours before the collision.

An employee who asked not to be named told the Journal the metal studs were ridiculous, and were too difficult for larger vehicles to avoid.

He added: “There should be two lanes, not three, so big vehicles can swing around.”

The Journal often reports on vehicles clipping the studs, which were installed six years ago by Lincolnshire County Council in a bid to prevent the railings alongside the pathway being damaged.

Perhaps one of the worst incidents was in January last year, when 300 litres of diesel spilled from a lorry and poured into the town’s drainage system.

Police, firefighters, Anglian Water and the Environment Agency were called to the scene over fears the fuel could contaminate the River Witham.

It took hours for the situation to be brought under control and for the lorry to be recovered.

This week, the Journal asked the county council what it plans to do to prevent further incidents as a result of the metal studs.

Senior highways officer Phil Oldfield said: “These deflecting bollards were installed over six years ago now and are extremely effective. They function to protect pedestrians and cyclists when large vehicles fail to negotiate the roundabout properly.

“It is a busy roundabout and it’s vital that the deflecting bollards are there as they are designed to stop the rear wheels of vehicles mounting the pavement.”

Collisions with the studs are reported to the county council, however the local authority could not confirm how many hits have taken place in total.

Temporary barriers are in place while the damaged railings are fixed.

l The county council is adamant the metal studs are “the best solution to the problem” - do you agree? E-mail: