Work continues on 11-kilometre water main

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TEMPORARY traffic lights are being put in place as part of a £2 million scheme to replace water mains between Harrowby and Easton.

Areas affected are the High Dyke near Turnor Road, the A52 at Cold Harbour, the B1176 approaching the High Dyke roundabout and the High Dyke’s junction with Pit Lane.

The scheme is intended to reduce the number of bursts which have affected the pipe in recent years.

Most of the water main runs under fields, meaning traffic disruption is being kept to a minimum.

Temporary traffic lights are only being used at one location at a time. Work is expected to be completed by the end of March.

Anglian Water spokesman John Clare said: “This new pipe will give people in this part of Lincolnshire one of the most up-to-date and reliable water supplies in the country. The benefits should last a lifetime and will hopefully far outweigh any inconvenience.”