Tree roots are ravaging path

Ray and Janet Potts, pavement problems.
Ray and Janet Potts, pavement problems.
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A COUPLE are fuming with Lincolnshire County Council following a comment made in last week’s Journal.

Ray and Janet Potts were angered by the council’s claim that it “responds as quickly as possible” to problems with footways reported by members of the public.

They reported the “disgusting” pavements in Sandon Road, Grantham, five months ago. Large cracks and raised patches of tarmac have been caused by roots spreading from mature trees lining the pathway.

Mrs Potts, 62, made the complaint after the bumpy, cracked pavements outside Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School caused her disabled husband to plough into a lamp-post while aboard his mobility scooter.

She said: “I reported it to the county council and they said they would look at it. But that was in January and they haven’t done anything about it yet. It’s frustrating that nothing’s been done about it.”

Mr Potts’ scooter was damaged and had to be sent away for repair. The impact also left him with stomach pains.

He was shaken by the collision, which has left him worried each time he goes along the path to get into town.

Mr Potts, 66, said: “I’m worried about being pushed into the road.”

Crossing the road to the other side to avoid the damaged pathways is not an option because there are no dropped curbs.

County council area highways manager Mark Heaton said: “Unfortunately, this is not a simple problem to put right as we can’t just dig up the footway and remove the roots.

“Not only could this cause the tree to collapse, but the tree actually belongs to KGGS, so we must speak with them about potential solutions.

“We’re seeking the advice of a professional tree expert and will solve this problem as soon as possible.”