Trust defends decision to close Ward Six at Grantham Hospital

Grantham Hospital.
Grantham Hospital.
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Ward Six of Grantham Hospital was closed last week with hospital chiefs saying the action is merely down to “ward reconfiguration”.

Ward Six Surgical closed on Tuesday (Oct 1) with United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust saying the decision was taken to make Grantham Hospital “more efficient, and safer, providing better care for patients”.

A spokesman for ULHT said: There have been a number of beds closed across the site for a number of reasons including success in reducing the number of days patients stay in hospital, so no longer needing these beds.

“These beds have been closed for some time, but rather than have lots of wards with some beds shut on these wards, it is more efficient to bring all the closed beds together onto one ward, and strengthen staff in other areas by moving the staff from the closed ward to the wards where the beds remain open.

“It is more efficient, and safer, providing better care for the patients.”

The Journal has been contacted by people who have family and friends working at the hospital and say staff were not informed of the decision to close beforehand.

However, ULHT told the Journal staff were informed.

The spokesman said: “Staff have been informed directly, so all nurses knew beforehand.”


The trust also rejected rumours suggesting the Kingfisher (children’s) Ward is set to close.

The ward, which accepts patients between 10am and 5pm, is safe, says the trust.

A spokesman said: “There are no plans to close Kingfisher Ward.”

ULHT also denied there are any plans to downgrade the service and say the future is bright for the ward, with plans to build on and improve services there in the future.