Turn your green bin into a gardening composter

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I BELIEVE South Kesteven District Council is breaking a contract by putting a £25 charge on to empty green bins.

Why should people with a small garden pay the same as those with big gardens?

I have always composted my garden waste, and most gardens should have room for a compost bin. You could turn your bin into one, just cut a square, big enough to get your fork in at the bottom, so you can get compost out as you want it. The piece cut out could be held in place with a hinge and fastener of some kind.

The smaller material is when put into a bin, the quicker it decomposes. I do this by putting a heap of anything I want to compost on hard ground, then lower my rotary mower slowly down on it. This way I can turn a barrow load into a mower box full in a few minutes. Thick stalks like brussels can be cut into short pieces by laying them on hard ground and cutting them up with a sharp spade.


Market Court, South Witham