Tut, tut...more ‘Dozy Parkers’ show disregard for pedestrians, this time in Barrowby

'Dozy Parker' sent in by Angus Monteith
'Dozy Parker' sent in by Angus Monteith
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The ‘Dozy Parker’ campaign continues this week, with two examples of shoddy parking landing here at the Journal office.

Mind you, we have noticed a decline in the number of photos being sent in compared with the early days of the campaign – so perhaps this means it’s working, and parkers are much less dozy? Let’s hope so!

'Dozy Parker' sent in by Angus Monteith

'Dozy Parker' sent in by Angus Monteith

These two pictures, taken in High Road and in Reeding Road in Barrowby, were sent in by villager Angus Monteith.

Mr Monteith captured the Volvo and Vauxhall vehicles taking full advantage of the pavement – surely the domain of pedestrians.

The Journal team is often asked why we cover licence plates in the pictures we publish of ‘Dozy Parkers’.

It is because the aim of the campaign is not to name and shame, it is to raise awareness of parking issues.

Of course, these issues are not exclusive to the Grantham area, but we hope that by continuing the campaign we can encourage drivers to think before they park on a pavement, or across someone’s driveway.

So if you own a vehicle, please follow the rules.

It makes it so much safer for other motorists and pedestrians.

And remember, rule-breakers...someone might well be catching your antics on camera. Do you want your vehicle to appear in the Journal’s pages under the heading ‘Dozy Parker’? Thought not.

** If you spot a ‘Dozy Parker’ at work, please take a snap and send it in to us, as we continue the battle for better parking in the area. Email: comment@granthamjournal.co.uk