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Grantham road closure over two months will mean total of '372-mile diversion'

Road works under way in Grantham until the end of August are 'unacceptable' and will mean daily commuters having to drive an extra 372 miles, says an angry resident.

Paul Jarvis also told the Journal that little work appears to be taking place most of the time on Harrowby Lane on the stretch up to the High Dyke.

Anglia Water is undertaking 'essential' work on the road where it has dug a long trench.

Harrowby Lane will be closed until the end of August for essential works by Anglian Water. Photo: Paul Jarvis (13926254)
Harrowby Lane will be closed until the end of August for essential works by Anglian Water. Photo: Paul Jarvis (13926254)

But Mr Jarvis said: "This is the second occurrence of long term roadworks at this point this year. I am hoping that you will agree that closing this main road from July 1 to September 1 is unacceptable. Harrowby Lane is a key road for the industrial area on Alma Park and so this disruption is affecting businesses as well as local people.

"That is 62 days that people that want to use that road have around a three-mile diversion each way and that also increases traffic through the small village of Londonthorpe. That means one return trip per day will incur an additional 372 miles over the planned duration of the closure.

"Last weekend I walked up Harrowby Hill and took a photograph of the work being done that affects the road. It amounts to a trench running along the side of the road.I repeated the walk today and took a second photograph - this shows that no significant work has been done that affects the road. Surely the project manager could have taken the disruption and local impact into account to minimise this environmental and disruptive impact by planning a much shorter closure."

Lincolnshire County Council told the Journal that Anglian Water had asked for the road closure in order to carry out 'essential works'.

The spokesman added: "They have requested that the closure remain in place until the end of August as the job involves deep excavation and will take them some time to complete. However, the majority of the project will be carried out during the school holidays when traffic is much lighter, which should minimise the disruption caused as far as is practicable."

Mr Jarvis said that in recent days nearby Turnor Road has also been closed. He said: "I assume because people were using this route through the village of Harrowby to avoid the extra three miles and queues at junctions on the way. This also points to just how much disruption this long term closure is causing.

"For a while I have been observing how roadworks are managed (not just this Anglia Water/Clancy Docwra project) and I have noticed that traffic lights and road closures are often left in place unnecessarily and even when the task is finished the road repairs often leave a lot to be desired.

"I have a suggestion that the local authority (or whoever has responsibility for our roads) may wish to consider. Based on the inconvenience and costs to road users I think utility companies should have two days to repair their infrastructure, but if a repair is going to last longer than that an incentive fee of £2,000 per additional day (or part of a day) should be levied on the company and this fee should double on days where no substantial work is being done (such as weekends and Bank Holidays).

"To ensure the repair standards are to a good standard the utility or contractor should then have responsibility for maintaining the repair and any adjacent damage (such as subsidence) for the life of the original road structure. They should have an obligation to ensure any remedial work is completed within 48 hours or penalties would apply."

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