Two more elderly Grantham residents scammed out of thousands

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Two more elderly victims have fallen foul of a cold-calling scam, that has seen them tricked out of £11,000.

On 8 November, an 82-year-old female in Grantham handed over £7,000.

Three days later, a female, also 82, living in Long Bennington, gave fraudsters £4,000.

In the space of three weeks, £20,000 has now been extorted by criminals claiming that they work in police departments investigating fraud.

Last month, an 81-year-old man was conned into handing over £10,000 to fraudsters after being contacted by someone claiming to be a Sergeant working for a fraud office.

Detective inspector Jon Shield from Grantham CID said: “This scam is much more sophisticated than you might think. What is catching people out is that the fraudster will ask the victim to hang up the phone and call 999 or 101 to check that the call is genuine.

“The victims comply with this but the fraudster doesn’t terminate the call, which keeps the line open, and the fraudster poses as a police official once more and confirms that the victim needs to withdraw cash. This is catching people out across the country as many don’t realise that only the caller can terminate a call – otherwise the line remains open.

“This scam is purposefully targeting the elderly so please be extra cautious and don’t take it for granted if someone claims to be a police officer. We would never ask anyone to withdraw money from their bank accounts.

“If you receive a call of this nature or have any suspicions at all please hang up the phone. If the problem persists please report it to us by calling 101, make your bank aware and inform your family or friends.”

In both of these new cases a courier has again visited the victims home addresses to take away the cash. Investigations are ongoing.