UFOs: 'They're trying to warn us of something ...'

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Thursday, 3pm - DO aliens hover above us making home movies for the folks back home?

Thursday, 3pm - DO aliens hover above us making home movies for the folks back home?That seems like a distinct possibility following two recent close encounters with UFOs experienced in the Grantham area.

Beverley Parker spotted mysterious lights hovering over Normanton-on-Cliffe last week.

She said: "It was a very clear night and at first I saw a light which I thought was an aircraft. But it seemed to be hovering in the same place for a long time.

"I was watching with binoculars and there were lots of lights jumping around."

Beverley phoned a friend who also watched the lights with binoculars.

Beverley said: "We were out there for an hour. I can'tthink what it could be unless it was some sort of radio controlled aircaft. The lights were moving across the sky quite quickly - it was very unusual."

Even more bizarre phenomena have been encountered around, Great Ponton, Old Somerby, Bulby and Kirkby Underwood.

Linda Longmire contacted the Journal to say she had seen many UFOs in the area and a friend had a terrifying brush with a glowing orange object.

She said: "He was cycling out one evening when his lights on his bike and his telephone went dead. A glowing oval orange-coloured UFO hovered above him before vanishing - he was petrified. The following morning we noticed unusual prong point marks on his knuckles.

"I think they are trying to warn us of something."

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