Unveiling of St Wulfram’s spire in Grantham begins next week but tours not possible

The extensive scaffolding to be removed. Photo: Roger Graves
The extensive scaffolding to be removed. Photo: Roger Graves
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The scaffolding will begin coming down from St Wufram’s Church spire on Monday, after English Heritage approved repairs last week.

The work which began in February 2014 was delayed due to it taking longer than predicted to dismantle the spire and adverse weather.

Father Stuart Cradduck, rector since May, says he is looking forward to seeing St Wulfram’s in its full glory for the first time. However he is disappointed planned tours up the spire cannot go ahead.

He said: “We put a lot of hours’ work into organising the tours and received approval from the Health and Safety Executive. But we tried four different insurers and couldn’t get the public access insurance. It is ridiculous. We were really looking forward to taking people up. It would have been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Delays mean the project has gone over the £600,000 budget, although final costs won’t be known until after all the scaffolding is down, which depending on weather could take up to 11 weeks.

Fr Cradduck added the peregrine falcons which usually nest in the tower are still flying nearby, and a specialist believes they will return to nest again next year.