UPDATE: Grantham memorial tributes to Drummer Lee Rigby overshadowed by council bin

The recycling bin is just two yards from the memorial to service and civillian personnel.
The recycling bin is just two yards from the memorial to service and civillian personnel.
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Grantham people have left flowers and heartfelt messages of condolence at Grantham’s St Peter’s Hill memorial over the weekend following the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby on the streets of London.

However the tributes and the memorial itself are being overshadowed by the large recycling bin within a couple of yards of the memorial.

Korea and Borneo veteran George Reeve led the campaign in the Journal to have the memorial in St Peter’s Hill built.

After being shown photographs of the bin in the shadow the memorial, Mr Reeve said: “It really is not on. I personally think it’s dreadful.

“It’s just awful and it needs moving. It’s not a small bin either. Surely they can just move it a few yards away.”

But George said he is pleased the memorial is being used by local people to show their support for Drummer Rigby.

He said: “I’m pleased we now have somewhere in the town centre where people can come to express their feelings.

“The wording of the memorial includes “or as a result of terrorist action” and this was a terrorist action. So I think the wording - which a lot of people helped me with including my friend Ian Newton - was just right.”

Mr Reeve said he was disgusted by the killing of Drummer Rigby on the streets of London.

He added: “I think it’s despicable, personally. What we have done is offer homes to people in trouble in their own home country, then they come here and their off-springs cause trouble.

“I don’t think the parents of these people do enough to instil how grateful they should be to this country that they live in a reasonably peaceful country that, by and large, has no racial bias.”

UPDATE: The district council says they did not put the bin next to the memorial. They believe it was moved there by a member of the public.

South Kesteven District Council’s operations director, Ian Yates said: “The recycling bin had been moved by a member of the public and as soon as we became aware we acted immediately. This has now been put back in its proper location on St Peters’ Hill and we will monitor the situation going forward.”

The bin, which had been next to the memorial for about a week, was moved today after the Journal contacted the district council.