UPDATE: Pair’s antics on Grantham rooftops were a ‘significant waste of resources’

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POLICE have confirmed that the final two men who were refusing to come down from rooftops in Grantham have been arrested.

The pair came down of their own accord and were arrested on suspicion of burglary. A further two men who came down from the roof earlier this morning were also arrested on suspicion of the same charge. All four have been taken to Grantham Police Station for questioning.

Chief inspector Mark Housley led the major six-hour operation, which involved 25 police officers, two ambulances and a fire crew.

He told the Journal: “This was a significant waste of resources that could have bee diverted on to emergency services work.

“Along with the disruption to the emergency services, this today also affected a large number of businesses in the town that couldn’t trade for a significant amount of time.

“I want to thank the public for their tolerance during what must have been a frustrating period.”