Update: Trailer and 60 pallets on fire on Dysart Road, Grantham

Dysart Road fire taken by Stefan Pip Carthew
Dysart Road fire taken by Stefan Pip Carthew
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Fire crews have been dealing with a fire which damaged pallets, barrels of chemicals and a trailer on Dysart Road, Grantham.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service said it had extinguished the fire which severely damaged the lorry trailer, 60 wooden pallets and five barrels of the unidentified chemical. Two crews from Grantham and one from Corby Glen tackled the blaze. They were called to the incident at 11.20am.

Local residents were asked to keep windows and doors shut as a lot of smoke was produced by the blaze.

Firefighters also used special environmental equipment to stop any run-off of contaminated water.