UPDATED: UFO spotted in skies above Grantham?

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Monday, 10.45am - A JOURNAL reader has sent in photos of the strange astronomical activity reported in the skies over Grantham last weekend.

Monday, 10.45am - A JOURNAL reader has sent in photos of the strange astronomical activity reported in the skies over Grantham last weekend.Sue Watson is the first reader to take photos of the orange flashing lights which several others spotted on Sunday, February 10.

As she arrived home with her husband John and their children Andrew and Daniel at 9.30pm, they saw three orange lights heading in a north-westerly direction.

Sue said: "The lights were flashing on and off slowly but as soon as one was immediately above our heads, the light went completely out. The other two lights continued to flash.

"All three sightings moved across the sky very slowly, say twenty seconds to go over our house, and had no noise whatsoever coming from them.

"Andrew enquired as to whether they were UFOs or not and I told him there's no such thing and thet he had been watching too much Doctor Who!"

Whether they were UFOs, space shuttles or just frenzied meteorical activity, no one is sure.

The same night, between 9pm and 9.30pm, Shelley Jones was walking home when she spotted five large meteors fly across the sky.

She said: "We spotted the first one at 9pm.

"It came from the south heading north - each one on exactly the same trajectory and at approximately four to five-minute intervals.

"Each became slightly larger and brighter than the first. The final one was huge like a large ball of fire in the sky moving towards the north."

Unfortunately, Shelley was unable to catch any of the activity in the skies on camera.

Did you see any unusual activity in the skies above Grantham at the weekend?

Have you seen what you believe to be a UFO or any amazing astronomical phenomena?

Have you been abducted by aliens and forced to be the subject of weird experimentation?

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More readers have been calling the newsdesk to tell us about their experiences. Here's what they have said.

A Journal website reader who did not want to be identified contacted us to say she saw something similar a fortnight ago when she was walking her dog in Sleaford.

She said: "I saw the same orange flying ball.

"I thought it was a comet or a shooting star at first and thought it was quite low and lasting a long time.

"It went over me and headed for the town centre from Grantham direction. I carried on walking and about five minutes later it was back over the top of me and stayed there for a while and then changed direction and headed toward Lincoln direction.

"From underneath, it looked like it was on fire but the flames looked as if they were some kind of liquid and there was no noise.

"I thought I was going mad and I wish I'd had my camera with me. I'm glad I'm not the only one to see this."

Tim Bird, from Barrowby, called in this morning to say he also saw the lights in the sky on Sunday night.

He said: "I was driving from Barrowby to Goodliff Road when I saw the lights.

"I assumed it was a police helicopter but thought it was weird that the lights were orange.

"It was the biggest thiing in the sky and really caught my eye, although I didn't have a constant view because I was driving."

Duncan Topliss, from Grantham, thinks the lights may have been something to do with Chinese New Year celebrations.

Allan Spick claims to have seen five UFO's in the past four years in the sky above his home in Great Gonerby.

In the early hours of Saturday, February 8, Mr Spick saw a UFO in the night sky.

He said: "It was 14,000 feet high, with three bright yellow lights and one flashing red one. They always have the same lights and they are always heading south, parallel with the A1.

"Perhaps they are looking for airfields in a straight line."

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Amateur astronomer John Turner, of Dysart Road, was sky-watching on Saturday night and believes the sightings may have been fire balls or solar flares.

He said: "We saw fire balls. It was quite spectacular. I have only ever seen two in my entire life."

However, Mr Turner is certain that we are not alone.

He said: "I got into UFOs many years ago.

"I had a sighting when I was a child that convinced me that we are being visited, unless somebody somewhere has developed advanced technology and is testing it."

Andy Stewart contacted us to say he thinks the strange sights have a simple explanation.

He said: "They are almost certainly Thai fire lanterns. They've been responsible for a lot of these sighting recently."

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