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Vandals target wooden horse sculpture 'Bob-Bo' in Grantham

A wooden sculpture of a horse has been vandalised just days after going on display in a councillor’s front garden.

Coun Ian Selby spent a month carving the horse for children to enjoy as they walked to and from school.

He said: “I helped a neighbour take down his tree and asked if I could have one of the stumps. I just thought it would be nice to put the wood to good use. I’ve never made a wood carving before but thought I’ll have a go anyway.”

But less than a week after putting the carving, nicknamed ‘Bob-Bo’ in his front garden on Princess Drive, Grantham, it was targeted by vandals.

Ian added: “It has been hit several times with a heavy object leaving it with several very deep marks. I just don’t understand the actions of such a sad person that probably thinks it’s funny to spoil the pleasure of others, especially the fun for children.”

'Bob' the horse. (8039164)
'Bob' the horse. (8039164)

Coun Selby has removed it from the front garden for fear of it being vandalised again.

He said: “I’ve already had several people asking where he has gone including a little boy who looked really disappointed when he realised Bob-Bo wasn’t there anymore.”

Determined not to let the vandals spoil it, Coun Selby set about repairing Bob-Bo with wood filler, adding: “I’ve had to put a second coat of the filler on as the marks were still showing but hopefully after sanding down and repainting it will be ok.”

Coun Selby has now found a new home for Bob-Bo at Sandon School, Grantham, adding: “A happy ending and there is even talk of
him having his own fan club.”

'Bob' the horse. (8039158)
'Bob' the horse. (8039158)

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