‘Victory is ours!’ Parents are over the moon with halt to schools plan

Parents and Kids from the Earl of Dysart School.
Parents and Kids from the Earl of Dysart School.
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JUBILANT parents are claiming victory over a U-turn which will see pupils of a West Grantham Academy primary school remain in their own building next term.

Since the announcement a month ago that children at Earl of Dysart will move into Spitalgate school at Easter, parents have rallied together to put a stop to the merge.

Academy trust CEO Trudy Brothwell told parents the building would be used for ‘enrichment and creative activities’ and that the move was a positive one.

However, parents remained unconvinced and went on to contact the Department for Education, Ofsted, councillors and Grantham MP Nick Boles in an attempt to halt the plans.

Celebrating mums and dads are glad their fight is over for now but suspect the plan will go ahead at a later date.

Lisa West, who spearheaded the campaign, said: “I screamed when I found out, it’s amazing.”

Wendy Porter, who has taken her children out of the school, added: “I’m buzzing for this lot.”

Colin porter said: “The whole episode has not been about glory hunting or fighting the establishment. It has been, and always will be, about providing the most conducive surroundings for our children to gain the best education possible in their formative years.”

Mrs Brothwell told the Journal the turnaround is down to changes within the academies programme made by the Department for Education, and has refused to rule out the plan’s reinstatement at a later date.

She said: “I still intend to do the joint working between the schools. We’re looking at the process for doing that to make sure the best of the programme is retained but sticking within the requirements.”