Video 2 of 2: Denton street market attracts large crowds

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The normally quiet village of Denton became a thronging mass of cheerful activity on Bank Holiday Monday when huge crowds of visitors turned out for the popular annual street market.

Locals as well as traders set out stalls for the market in Church Street, Park Lane and at the church and school, and all did a brisk trade.

Other atrractions included an art exhibition, children dancing round a maypole and children’s entertainment.

Among activities and attractions tempting visitors to part with their money were charity stalls, bric a brac and large numbers of plants.

And for those feeling peckish after snapping up bargains, food was available prepared and sold by parents from the school, and the village hall was given over to a day-long tea-and-cake fest.

The event is expected to have raised several thousands of pounds and the money will go to local good causes.