VIDEO: Family ‘scared’ as they watched flood water approach their Grantham home

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A young Grantham family have gone from fear to frustration after waiting for a response to a flooded storm drain outside their property.

Lisa and James Tereszczak moved into their first home together on Albert Street, Grantham just two months ago.

Flooding on Albert Street, Grantham. Photo by Lisa Tereszczak.

Flooding on Albert Street, Grantham. Photo by Lisa Tereszczak.

On Monday evening they watched aghast as water threatened to enter their property. Mrs Tereszczak, 25, said: “I was getting really scared. We went upstairs with our little girl who is only 18 months old.

“We’ve only been here two months, but our neighbour who has lived here for longer says it is always happening around the drain in front of our house, but that nothing has been done,” added Mrs Tereszczak.

While relieved the water didn’t end up in their home, she rang the council about the drain and was told to call Anglian Water. “I waited all day for someone to turn up, and then when they did they said it was the council’s responsibility.”

An LCC spokesman denied it is under their remit. Anglian Water reiterated that the flooding was due to the sheer volume of rainfall, and added: “Following reports of road flooding in Albert Street we sent our drainage team to check the sewers. These were found to be clear, bar some stones that had been washed in during the storm, but we jetted it as a precaution.

“The drainage network is made up of different systems that are all interconnected – for example highways are responsible for the gulleys in the road, while we maintain the sewers underneath, and there are many other partners responsible for other areas too. On this occasion though it was the sheer intensity of the rainfall rather than one particular system issue that led to the surface water flooding.

“We understand how frustrating flooding can be and we are committed to work alongside the council and to support other agencies also responsible for their aspects of the drainage network.”