VIDEO: Fantastic entertainment at Spitfire Proms

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MORE than 3,000 people were treated to a magnificent evening of music and drama at the Belton Spitfire Proms on Saturday.

Only the absence of the Spitfire - grounded due to the early evening poor weather - detracted from a wonderful event which was attended by 3,500 people.

The 2012 Spitfire Proms at Belton House. 461C

The 2012 Spitfire Proms at Belton House. 461C

Rain blighted the early part of the show but cleared before the interval to allow the entertainment to be enjoyed by all.

Alec Gordon, General Manager for Lincolnshire National Trust, said: “Once again, the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra put on a fantastic performance and the British fighting spirit was very much in evidence amongst the crowd who were determined to enjoy the event whatever the weather.”

While the crowd was disappointed with the loss of the Spitfire, the gap was seized upon by the The Blades aerobatics display team, piloted by ex-Red Arrows, which impressed all with their daredevil displays of brinkmanship.

Mr Gordon said: “We were obviously very disappointed by the loss of the Spitfire but the Blades put on a fantastic display for us despite some very challenging flying conditions. 

“We definitely feel that the proms is firmly back on the map and will continue to grow and improve in polish and sparkle.”

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was outstanding throughout but the highlight of the event was a rendition of Nessun Dorma by soloist Jesús León.

The evening was capped off with an impressive fireworks display over a beautifully lit Belton House.