VIDEO: Ian Selby is made Mayor of Grantham

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Ian Selby was made Mayor of Grantham on a wave of optimism, entertainment and emotion on Thursday night.

In a ceremony steeped in tradition, the Labour councillor showed his year as the town’s ‘first citizen’ would be very different - but no less sincere - than that of the ruling Conservatives who allowed him the honour after serving 30 years on South Kesteven District Council.

Councillor Ian Selby, centre, is made Mayor of Grantham.

Councillor Ian Selby, centre, is made Mayor of Grantham.

Last year’s deputy mayor - who still had to be voted into the top job on the night - handed out birthday cards to invited guests and presents for children and brought on Grantham Sixties pop music hero Trevor Leeson to play his electric guitar for a resounding National Anthem finale at the packed Guildhall council chamber of around 200 invited people.

Departing Tory mayor Councillor Frank Turner, after his second year of office, began the formalities by drily remarking he had never seen so many town trustees at a meeting for some time and then inviting applications for his sucessor.

The proposal came from Councllor Bruce Wells who said “his great friend” Coun Selby stood for four things: firstly, his friends and family, his philanphrophic interest in photography, his Sunday night show on community radio station Gravity FM and Grantham and its community. He was backed by Tory Councillor Mike Cook, who seconded the motion.

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