Video: Interview - Golfer Richard Haas hits albatross hole-in-one

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Keen amateur golfer Richard Haas is riding a lucky streak after hitting an extra-special hole-in-one.

Granthamian Richard, 28, plays weekly at Carlton Scroop and last year was featured in the Journal after hitting a hole-in-one on the seventh hole there.

Richard Haas, recorded a hole-in-one at Carlton Scroop. 408D

Richard Haas, recorded a hole-in-one at Carlton Scroop. 408D

This month Richard, who works at Free Style hairdressers in Cambridge Street, Grantham, shocked even himself when he hit a second hole-in-one in less than a year.

The Journal caught up with Richard to find out the secret of his success and why this ace was extra-special.

Q) How long have you been playing?

A) I’ve been playing, coming up nine years, since I was 20. I play at least once a week here at Carlton Scroop and if I play twice I go somewhere else. Carlton Scroop’s a nice, tidy friendly course. That’s why I’m a member here, because of the friendly atmosphere.

Q) I believe you hit a hole-in-one just last year...

A) Yeah, it was on the par three seventh hole. That one was 130 yards. It felt great when it went in. That’s all any golfer wants to do - get a hole-in-one. When you do get one you think right, that’s it.

Q) But now you’ve got a second...

A) Yeah, this one was even better. It was on a par four so it was an albatross. That’s what you call it when you hit two under par.

Q) A par four! That must be a rare feat...

A) You don’t get many albatrosses.

Q) So what was your reaction when it went in?

A) Plenty of swear words to be honest! In fact I got told off by some of the ladies who were playing and walking past at the time. They were not impressed but they understood when I told them what had happened. The best thing was it went straight in the hole without bouncing - a slam dunk!

Q) How did you celebrate?

A) I just made sure I told the whole golfing world.

Q) Aren’t you supposed to buy a drink for everyone?

A) A few people have said it’s a tradition but there’s no club house here...luckily. I did thank the greenkeeper though for putting the hole in exactly the right place.

Q) Now, when you’re on the tee on a shorter hole, do you always think of the possibility of a hole-in-one?

A) I think I’ve had my luck now to be honest.