VIDEO: Rock drummer full of praise for Grantham’s Caleb

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Drumming prodigy Caleb Preece has become the youngest person to reach the top grade for drumming.

Caleb, 11, has been taught by Lloyd Courtenay, drummer with the The Barron Knights.

Caleb Preece, drummer. 369D

Caleb Preece, drummer. 369D

Lloyd said: “He has done amazingly well and I’m so proud of him. He is naturally talented - you can’t get to that level without being amazingly talented.”

The next step for Caleb, a King’s School pupil who lives in New Beacon Road, may be a diploma. However, he will have to continue without his long-time teacher.

Lloyd said: “I’m a rock drummer and I can’t teach him what he needs to know next. He’s going to have to move on from me I’m afraid. He has to do composing and things like that.”

Caleb plays with the Big Band at the King’s School. Lloyd said: “It’s quite funny to watch as he’s such a little lad amongst all these grown-ups.”

Lloyd teaches out of East Midlands Sound & Lighting on Saturdays at The Old Malthouse off Springfield Road, Grantham.