VIDEO: Schoolboy’s Prof Brian Cox impressions propel him from Youtube to the BBC

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A boy from Grantham is set to appear alongside Professor Brian Cox live on BBC Two this week after his Youtube videos attracted the attention of TV execs.

Lewis Fitt, 12, of Belvoir Gardens, Great Gonerby, caught the eye of the BBC after uploading his spoof impressions of the popular professor to internet video site Youtube.

Lewis Fitt's Youtube videos caught the attention of the BBC. 870C

Lewis Fitt's Youtube videos caught the attention of the BBC. 870C

They were so impressed they have invited Lewis to the filming of “Stargazing Live - Back to Earth” at 9pm on Thursday with the possibility of him appearing on the show alongside Prof Cox and comedian Dara Ó Briain.

Lewis, who is a pupil at Priory Ruskin Academy, said: “I was just in my room thinking of a video I could do for my Youtube channel. I knew I could do an impression of him so I thought ‘I’ll see who that goes’.

“I’ve done more than 10 videos now..some better than others.”

Proud mum Claire Fitt said she was wary when Lewis first received a message purporting to be from the BBC but once they both realised it was genuine they were thrilled.

She said: “He has got an uncanny resemblance to him. The only problem is the BBC said they don’t want him to cut his hair before the show because it’s so similar!

“But it will be a brilliant experience for him and it’s all come from doing something for a bit of a laugh.

“You hear so much about the bad things about the internet and not much about the good. I guess it just shows, you don’t know who’s watching you on Youtube.”

Claire has been told Lewis could be on the show with Prof Brian Cox, film a special clip or maybe ask a question.

She said: “They told us it could be one of various things but because it’s live it could change there and then.”

As well as the Thursday night show, the episode will also be repeated at 6pm on Saturday on BBC 2.