VIDEO: Snooker match is a big break for the cemetery

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A MARATHON snooker match attempting to ‘break’ a world record is set to raise hundreds of pounds for the Journal’s Cemetery Fund.

Grantham Cemetery was trashed by vandals on the night of Saturday, March 5, with thousands of pounds worth of damage caused.

Carl Gregory and Jonathan Fennell prepare for their 50-hour snooker marathon.

Carl Gregory and Jonathan Fennell prepare for their 50-hour snooker marathon.

Carl Gregory, 29, of Canberra Crescent, Grantham, and Jonathan Fennell, 34, of Kinoulton Court, Grantham, have already raised more than of £600 and hope to reach £750 with this weekend’s game.

The pair will be trying to break the world record for the longest continuous snooker match, currently standing at 50 hours, at Hunter’s Bar in Grantham. Carl and Jonathan will be breaking off at noon on Sunday and expect to break the record at 2pm on Tuesday.

Carl said: “I decided to do something, partly after seeing the reactions of the people that have been affected by it but it actually affected me as well.

“It’s something which really should not have been done at all. That’s the one place that really should be left untouched.

“Quite frankly, it should not have to be the families that have to pay for this.”

Carl decided the best way to raise money would be doing something that he loved, so decided on the marathon snooker match.

He said: “I absolutely love snooker - I have been playing it for years. I thought that if I could do something that I enjoy doing at the same time as raising money then it is a win-win situation.”

Carl and Jonathan would like to thank Hunter’s for keeping the venue open through two nights to accommodate their efforts.

They have also received backing from Viking Signs and Holroyd’s sweet shop.

Carl said: “The support we have had has been absolutely fantastic. As of Monday morning we had raised £600 and I’m ideally looking for £750 in total.”

l If anyone would like to pledge money to the lads’ cause then drop into the Journal office and sign the sponsorship form. Or you can call in during the match and see Carl and Jonathan at Hunter’s.