Video: The Grantham Journal captures the longest day

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A magnificent view of Grantham from its tallest church tower, the grand pier at Skegness, delicious pork pies taken from the oven in Melton Mowbray...all captured in this video. You won’t want to miss it.

The Grantham Journal and its sister papers across Lincolnshire have commemorated today, the longest day of the year, by recording aspects of life in each town.

Longest Day - share your experience.

Longest Day - share your experience.

The project is part of a nationwide Johnston Press initiative called Longest Local Day, part of the company’s Summer of Love campaign.

Summer Solstice is a special day in the calendar, and a great opportunity to identify what makes Grantham great and bring it together with a collection of moments captured across the county.

We hope you not only enjoy this video, but are also spurred on to contribute some of your own material. We’d like you to send in any pictures or footage you shot today - it might be a precious family moment, a special anniversary or something more run of the mill. Whatever it is, if it represents something meaningful to you today - Friday, June 21, 2013 - then we’d love to see it.

What we would like you to do is send us either pictures or a short - no more than 15 seconds, please - video clip of something you’ve seen, done or been involved in. We will compile some of the best and most interesting clips and pictures into a Grantham-specific video.

You can send your pictures (please let us know who is on them or what is happening and the time it was taken today) and video - MP4 format ideally, if not MWV - to anytime over the weekend. Or via Twitter to @granthamjournal calling it #Longestlocalday.

The longest day in Grantham 2013 has been preserved for prosperity by the Journal today and next week and it will be great for that historic effort to be enhanced with a little help from you. We look forward to hearing from you.