Visitor to Grantham wins appeal over ‘confusing’ Westgate parking bays

Confusing parking bays on Westgate.
Confusing parking bays on Westgate.
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A man from Essex who was given a fine for not parking his car within a bay in Wide Westgate has won his appeal.

Philip Parker, of Thaxted, was driving to a wedding in Yorkshire in July with his family when they stopped in Grantham.

He told the Journal: “We were very distressed and angry to find a PCN when we returned to our car, and couldn’t imagine what it was for. We had returned well within the time limit. When we read the small print on the PCN, it said ‘not parked within the markings of the bay or space’. Again, we couldn’t understandthis, as there were no markings at all in this bit of parking. A neighbouring driver commiserated with us and pointed out that there were some small stone sets in the paving that marked bays.”

On winning his appeal, Mr Parker told the Journal: “I had my tribunal hearing against Lincolnshire County Council in December and have just received the welcome news that the tribunal has overturned the council. Although it is a bit technical, I think the gist of it is that the stone parking space markings are not adequate.

“This is a happy start to 2016, but it is a shame that Lincolnshire County Council could not admit its mistake straight away and not put my family through so long a process.”

An adjudicator, Jonathan Middleton, from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, decided in Mr Parkinson’s favour, saying that he accepted Mr Parker did not see the setts (stones)and that they may have been obscured by other vehicles.

But Mr Middleton added: “I consider that the markings were inadequate to inform motorists as to the extend of the bay in question. They are not sufficiently different from the other blocks used here to indicate the boundary of a 

“If this kind of contravention is to be enforced there needs to be adequate differentiation. While white lines might be visually intrusive in the context of a restricted parking zone, they would set out clearly the extent of the bay.”

Coun Richard Davies, executive member for highways at the county council, said: “The bays in this area are marked with contrast coloured bricks. We are currently reviewing this. If anyone feels they have been unfairly ticketed, there is an appeal process outlined on the back of the ticket.”