Volunteers’ donation to Grantham Hospital helps battle skin cancer

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Money donated to Grantham Hospital by a group of fund-raisers has paid for equipment which will detect signs of skin cancer.

The Grantham League of Friends has donated over £1,300 to the dermatology department at Grantham Hospital, which went towards buying two new dermatoscopes. Doctors use these to identify whether or not a skin lesion is cancerous.

Chairman of the group of volunteers Simon Needham said: “We are delighted to raise this amount of money that will make such an improvement to so many patients.

“It really is a wonderful investment we have been able to make in supporting the improvement of patient care in the Grantham area.”

Dr Julia Schofield, consultant Dermatologist at Grantham, said the new equipment has “transformed the running of the clinics”.

She added: “There is much less disruption, quicker and clearer diagnosis, which has helped to further improve patient experience.”