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'Voters see Grantham MP Boles as petulant and disloyal'

Voters see Grantham MP Nick Boles as 'petulant, self-centred and disloyal', according to local Conservative Association chairman Philip Sagar.

And if he stands again, growing numbers of constituents say they won’t vote for him.

As MPs today vote on the Prime Ministers ‘deal’ on Brexit, Mr Sagar issued a statement this morning following uproar over the MP’s actions.

Nick Boles MP (6116723)
Nick Boles MP (6116723)

The Grantham & Stamford MP has courted controversy over his threats to resign the Tory whip should a ‘No Deal’ become government policy.

Tensions heightened further with him helping inflict two government defeats over Brexit last week and threatening to rebel even more.

Then, yesterday, the MP announced plans for parliament to take control over Brexit policy from government, a move reported by many as ‘a Very British Coup.’

Mr Sagar told the Journal: “Many long standing members and other conservative voters who have contacted me remember only too well the disappointment and anger felt when Quentin deserted the party in June 2007 at the start of Gordon Brown's premiership.

“Nick’s tweets 'a La Trump' and threats to resign the whip are seen in a similar light as petulant, self-centred and disloyal .

“On the one hand he is supportive of the PM’s deal, imperfect as he feels it is, whilst at the same time he is undermining his own leader and her ability to get tough albeit late in the day with the EU.

“I had up until Christmas supported his pragmatic approach in trying to find a plan B. I along with many in our association are not hard Brexiteers as Nick is now trying to portray. His association is not telling him what to do, that’s not how our democratic system works.

Mr Sagar continued: “Parliament abrogated the decision on Europe to the people by an overwhelming majority. The people spoke. Nick to his then credit said he got the message from his employers and would work with the government to achieve Brexit.

“In his recent remarks he states the association members don’t elect him, true but they did select him to be the Conservative candidate and without that endorsement he would not be our MP.

“Sadly he is now viewed not just by members but by a growing numbers of conservative voters, as arrogant, out of touch, living in the Westminster bubble and set on a course of self destruction.

“People are telling me in ever increasing numbers daily that they will not vote Conservative again if he remains our candidate for the next General election. To all those telling me, nay begging me to deselect him I say it is not about deselection, it’s about re selection, and we will in any event need to start that process soon in readiness for any snap election.

Mr Sagar added: “He has made that process all the more difficult for himself by his recent actions and mixed messages especially with his attacks on his own association members who he seems to have forgotten are the ones that campaigned for him when he was not able to. I am saddened by all of it.”

Yesterday, Mr Boles announced plans for a Bill to allow a ‘compromise’ Brexit deal with opposition members, should Theresa May’s ‘Deal’ not be passed, as expected.

The MP told the Independent that he, Oliver Letwin and Nicky Morgan, who are behind their Bill, would back the government tonight, but would act if it failed.

Mr Boles said: “This bill would do the following, it would give the government three more weeks to get a compromise deal, a plan B, through parliament so that we are leaving the EU on time on March 29 with a deal.

“If that failed…it would give the Liaison Committee the responsibility to try and come up with its own compromise deal, which would have to go back to the House for a vote.”

However, chair of the Liaison Committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, cast doubt on the plan almost immediately.

She said on Twitter: “The Boles plan appears to have been developed with just two other MPs and not discussed in advance with the committee they propose to implement it. So hardly a ‘coup’.

“Would also point out that liaison ctee (sic) doesn’t draft legislation or conduct pre-legislative scrutiny.”

This morning, Mr Boles claimed growing support for his Norway-based proposals, noting support from the Daily Mirror, even though previous polls have shown it way behind ‘No Deal’ and the Prime Minister’s ‘deal’ among Conservative Party members in terms of popularity.

He also reported a second death threat.

Meanwhile, an online poll of more than 1,300 Journal readers says 58 per cent of those who took part want Mr Boles to go.

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