Warning as cats are killed by anti-freeze poisoning

Cats killed by anti-freeze poisoning.
Cats killed by anti-freeze poisoning.
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CAT owners are calling for the “inhumane” person who is poisoning cats in Grantham to think about their devastated owners.

A number of pet cats in Grantham have been killed in recent weeks, believed to have been poisoned by anti-freeze poured into dishes of milk and left out for them to drink.

Cats killed by anti-freeze poisoning.

Cats killed by anti-freeze poisoning.

Gavin Capes had the upsetting task of telling his partner’s children, aged five and eight, that one of their two kittens had died after it was found dead in an outhouse. An adult cat belonging to the family was found lifeless days later in a neighbour’s garden.

Mr Capes, 33, of Stuart Street, said: “Who could do this? It’s inhumane. It’s just disgraceful that anybody would do that to a living animal.

“There’s kids to think about as well.”

The family’s adult cat, Sparta, had been missing for several days before they got the bad news. In the meantime, Mr Capes had been knocking on neighbours’ doors in the hope of finding him.

But when he discovered the dead kitten, called Twinkle, he realised the cause of Sparta’s disappearance could be something more sinister.

He said: “I was mowing the lawn in the garden, and when I opened the door the kitten was dead on the floor and his brother, Tiger, was sitting next to him.”

While searching for Sparta, Mr Capes spoke to a neighbour who told him she had taken her cat to the vet to be told it had been poisoned with anti-freeze, and it later died.

Avenue Veterinary Centre, in Avenue Road, and Kirks Vets, in Sandon Road, have both had poisoned cats brought to them.

Bryony Taylor, head receptionist at Kirks, said two cats were brought in a week apart, both having drunk anti-freeze. It was at that point, she realised it was more than bad luck in the first case.

She added: “At the end of the day, cats are living animals that are somebody’s pet.

“It’s awful that somebody would do that on purpose to harm them.”